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Otsenitel EOOD is registered in the Register of Companies of the Registry Agency. It has a certificate in property and business valuations issued by the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria (CIAB).
Otsenitel EOOD employees are experts with long experience in engineering, design, finances and management, thus creating together a successful team for valuations of various types of property. In the last five years the company specializes in valuations of large and specific properties, such as hotels, factories, workshops, petrol stations, concrete plants, small hydroelectric plants etc.
Moreover, the business contacts of the company and the knowledge and experience in the field of engineering ensure high quality of the technical reports, including tracking and determining the degree of completeness, checking bill of quantities and cost estimates, drafting floor area tables, investor's control on behalf of the bank etc.

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The company activities are based on a personal attitude to the clients, accurate documentation, no subjective factors, which ensure professional and independent valuations of various types of property. In their work the employees of Otsenitel EOOD follow:

  • the moral and ethical principles of business behavior and communication;
  • the principles of confidentiality when drawing up valuations and reports, as well as the results thereof;
  • the professional valuation standards – Bulgarian, European (EVS 2012) and international (IVS 2014), approved in Bulgaria and the European Union.

  • Over 1500 property valuations for the last 6 years, including residential real estate, business properties and land plots;
  • Experience in technical reports of large properties, including determination of degree of completeness;
  • Quality valuations of various specific properties (small hydroelectric plants, concrete plants, bus stations, petrol stations, gas stations, factories, workshops, warehouses etc.), based on a combination of profound engineering and appraiser knowledge and experience;
  • Availability in Sofia region and upon request/agreement in the other regions of Bulgaria;
  • Professional contacts and partnership with leading companies in construction and real estate;
  • Long cooperation and corporate contracts with some of the leading banks in Bulgaria;
  • Experience in working with private and corporate clients;
  • Competitive prices of the services.
The company has a certificate No. 900200173 dated 15.05.2013 for valuation of property and business, issued by the Chamber of Independent Appraisers in Bulgaria.