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Otsenitel EOOD provides in short terms and of excellent quality:

The quality of Otsenitel EOOD services is based on:

Otsenitel EOOD provides:

  • Valuations of hotels, commercial centers and buildings;
  • Valuations of sites and buildings with specific purpose (cinemas, hospitals, petrol stations, gas stations, concrete plant, small hydroelectric plants etc.);
  • Valuations of buildings, including degree of completeness;
  • Valuations of residential complexes and individual residential buildings;
  • Valuations of industrial buildings, warehouses, factories and workshops;
  • Valuations of flats;
  • Valuations of business properties – offices, shops;
  • Valuations of houses (with land, with undivided shares of the land etc.);
  • Valuations of land;
  • Valuations of assets of a whole company;
  • Re-valuations and valuation reviews;
  • Consulting and advice.

Most frequent used valuation methods:

  • Cost method;
  • Comparable sales method;
  • Income method;
  • Others – depending on the type of property.

Independent property valuation is required for:

  • Purchase or sale of property;
  • Partition of property;
  • Mortgage of property;
  • Insurance purposes;
  • Drawing up floor area tables;
  • Valuations of assets for accounting purposes;
  • Determination of investment value;
  • Settlement of property claims;
  • Division, heritage or donation of property;
  • Rent;
  • Various property rights – right of way, right of use, right to build extension, right to build;
  • Determination of initial tender or competition price;
  • Apportionments;
  • Liquidation;
  • Transfer of shares and stakes.

The company has rich experience in technical and investment control of large commercial and industrial sites, as well as infrastructural sites (railway lines, roads, structures etc.).

  • Technical reports;
  • Determination of degree of completeness;
  • Investor's control.

  • Drawing up floor area tables;
  • Distribution of undivided shares;
  • Check of cost estimates and bills of quantities;
  • Constructive statements;
  • Instructions for further steps in the construction process etc.